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COVRID Multi Purpose Cleanser & Sanitiser

With the outbreak of COVID-19 we have had to re-think what we clean and how often we clean. From windows to tables we are disinfecting and cleaning more frequently. Buying all the specific products for each surface can be not only difficult to achieve but also expensive especially when you are required to change products regularly to clean different areas and surfaces.

At COV-RID we have developed a multi-purpose disinfectant spray that is affordable and usable across different surfaces while still providing the high level clean you desire.

Specifically created to replace other surface sprays you currently use

Visible clean with every use

The antimicrobial spray has been formulated so that it does not need to be wiped down and can be simply sprayed onto an area and left to dry. However, we recommend that you wipe down the sprayed surface after use for an extra level of clean.


The COV-RID surface cleanser has been specifically designed for use across hard and soft surfaces. Simply point at the object or surface you want to sanitize and spray onto it.

Cleans Hard & Soft Surfaces

The spray has been designed so that is can be used across both hard and soft surfaces listed below are just a few of the many surfaces included:

Windows, Mirrors, Walls, Desks, Sofas

Saves you money

We understand that there is a significant cost associated with regular cleaning. COV-RID multi-purpose spray is extremely economical to purchase, we also offer a 5 litre option to refill the 500ml bottles.

EN 14766 Tested

The High-Level Disinfectant used across our products and included in this spray. The HLD has been EN1476 tested and proven to be effective against all enveloped viruses. This provides you with the comfort in knowing all areas spray will be left disinfected and clean.

Safe to use

COV-RID Multi-purpose Surface Cleanser is safe to user around children and pets. Used by Nurses, Doctors, Care Homes, Pharmacies, Schools & Universities


Spray unto a surface

The multi-purpose spray is specifically designed for use across hard and soft surfaces. Simply point at the object or surface you want to sanitize and spray onto it.

Leave on the surface to activate

The Antimicrobial action of the High-Level Disinfectant will work fast. As soon as the spray lands on the surface it will begin to sanitize and disinfect the area.

Surface is disinfected and safe to use

Wipe away the surface with a clean cloth, you will be able to see the dirt and bacteria lifted from the surface leaving behind a disinfected and safe surface.

Pricing & Packages

Available across a range of sizes

COV-RID Multi-Purpose surface spray is is available in differing sizes dependent on the type of use and location of use. The traditional bottle size is 500ml which is refillable from a large 5l bottle. The multi-purpose spray is also available in a hand pump spray container carried on your back for use in outdoor and public places. Find out more on our products page or in our shop.

customer approved

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