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COVRID Multi Purpose Cleanser & Sanitiser


COV-RID High-Level Disinfectant is NOT a one stop solution. Experience has shown that it is very important to develop a cleaning and disinfecting program as part of an integrated system approach to keep your customers and employees safe.

There is a presumption that the majority of infections are caused by hand contamination, however even the infection control profession had to admit that actual evidence is surprisingly scarce. Until it is known where infections come from, there is a sound case for reducing the number of pathogens in whatever way possible as often as possible.

COV-RID High-Level Disinfectant is therefore intended to be used as an addition to the cleaning and disinfecting program currently in use in the premises and disinfect areas that can easily be overlooked.

All COVRID Products are:

Free of Flammable solvents, halides and phenols.

Alcohol Free

Biodegradable under the European and American requirements


All the ingredients in COV-RID High-Level Disinfectant were selected based on not only their disinfecting properties, but also as ingredients that are already known to be safely used in skin products. The Quaternary ammonium compounds are also used safely in the food industry and have been for many decades. Therefore, all the individual ingredients have high safety profiles.

The logic on which the ingredient selection was made was based on:

  • Ingredients derived from plant oils are used.
  • The cleaning power needed to expose microbes came from ingredients with detergent action.
  • Protection for resident skin flora was achieved by using long-chain plant oil ingredients that layered over that flora.
  • Action against transient skin flora was enhanced with ingredients that made hands smooth making it more difficult for transient pathogens to adhere
  • The likelihood of bacterial resistance was negated by selecting ingredients which attack the negative charge of the relevant bacteria so before true resistance can occur the bacteria would need to undergo an extensive change in their most fundamental biochemistry.
  • Very rapid virucidal action against Noro Virus was achieved by including ingredients that inactivated the ionic forces between the coat proteins allowing the detergent moieties to enter the viral structure and destroy the nucleic acid.



Listed below are just a few of the enveloped viruses COV-RID has been proven to remove

    • Rubella Virus
    • Herpesviridae
    • Paramyxoviridae
    • Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV)
    • Filoviridae (e.g. Ebola)
    • Measles Virus
    • Flavivirus
    • Human T Cell Leukemia Virus 
    • Rabies Virus
    • Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) (HTLV)
    • Hepatitis B virus (HBV)
    • Rubella Virus
    • Poxviridae
    • Coronavirus
    • Influenza Virus
    • And others
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