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Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Why we are different from your
regular hand sanitizer?

We are sanitizing our hands with increasing frequency and the reliance
on hand sanitizers is becoming more and more important.

Alcohol Free

Alcohol is a great surface cleaner but on skin it acts as a drying agent and can even evaporate before killing the germs on your hands. When alcohol is regularly applied it dries your skin and can cause eczema flare ups and dermatitis. We have developed our sanitizer to be free from alcohol

Foaming Application

Unlike with liquids, foam does not run off the hands, it allows you to ensure the sanitizer is effectively applied with every squirt. Compared with gels, foam does not contain gelling agents that can leave your hands feeling sticky. You are left with silky smooth hands after every use.

Natural Ingredients

COV-RID Hand Sanitizer is derived from Coconut oil and other natural properties. After use the skin is left hydrated and feeling soft and smooth. The natural ingredients and absence of chemicals and alcohol removes the unpleasant odors like those associated with alcohol and chlorine.

EN 14766 Tested

Although we do not have all the chemicals or high alcohol content, our Foaming Hand Sanitizer will still remove all the bacteria and viruses from your hands. The High- Level Disinfectant in the sanitizer has been EN 14476 tested and found to be effective against all enveloped viruses.

After regular use of COV-RID Foaming Hand Sanitizer you will be left
with healthy skin rid of dryness and flakiness


This pocket size 50ml bottle is ideal to take with you when out and about and on the go. All it takes is one squirt and the luxurious foam can be rubbed over the hands, or even face to fight viruses and care for the skin.

The 50ml bottle is easily refillable so you never have to worry about running out.


The larger 500ml bottle has been specifically designed for use at home and in the office. Leave it in convenient places across the house and office to give you and your family easy access to the luxurious foam that will keep you protected from germs, bacteria and viruses.



At COV-RID we offer both a 5L large bottle that is designed to enable you to refill both the 50ml and the 500ml bottles at home. 

We aim to provide you with the comfort that you will never run out or be caught short.


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